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General Studies Questions

General Studies Questions
General Studies Paper GS UPSC Paper
IAS Question papers of General Studies
solved papers for General Studies, UPSC IAS Exams Solved
General Studies

1. Match the List-I with List-II and
select the correct answer by
using the codes given below–
(Finance Commission)
(a) 9th (b) 10th
(c) 11th (d) 12th
1. N. P. K. Salve
2. C. Rangarajan
3. K. C. Pant
4. A. M. Khusro
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 1 3 4 2
(B) 1 2 4 3
(C) 2 3 4 1
(D) 1 2 3 4

2. The Government of India has
replaced FERA by-
(A) The Competition Act
(B) The FEMA
(C) The Monopolies Act
(D) The M.RTP Act

3. The objective of the new Foreign
Trade Policy is to increase India”s
share in the World Trade by 2009
(A) 1-00% (B) 1-25%
(C) 1-50% (D) 2-00%

4. The Forex Reserves in India
have been witness in continuous
growth due to following
1. Rise in FDI inflows
2. Gifts from Foreign
3. High interest regime in the
4. Huge inflows of FIIs funds
5. Remittances from Indians
working abroad
Select the correct answer from
the given codes 2
Codes :
(A) 1, 3, 4, 5 (B) 1, 2, 3, 4
(C) 1, 2, 4, 5 (D) 2, 3, 4, 5

5. The Apex Organisation for
Marketing Cooperatives at the
national level is-
(C) National Cooperative Union
(D) National Agricultural Marketing Board

6. ’Golden Hand Shake Scheme’ in
India is related with-
(A) Voluntary Retirement
(B) Indian Gold Dealers
(C) Foreign Gold Dealers in
(D) Promoting Trade in Gold

7. Which of the following systems
of Note-issue is followed by RBI?
(A) Proportional Reserve System
(B) Minimum Reserve System
(C) Fixed Fiduciary System
(D) None of the above

8. Given below are a few abbreviations and the areas with
which they are associated. Match
them properly using the given

(a) OGL, FOB
(c) WPI, CPI
(d) CRR, SLR
1. Employment
2. External trade
3. Banking
4. Index numbers
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 2 1 4 3
(B) 2 4 3 1
(C) 4 3 2 1
(D) 3 2 1 4

9. The World Bank has recently
sanctioned a loan of 944 million
dollars to India. For which of the
following sectors, the loan is not
meant for 7
(A) Rural Finance System
(B) Vocational Training Programmes
(C) Community-based water
Management Projects
(D) Rural Roads and Sanitation

10. The Banks are required to maintain a certain ratio between their
cash in hand and total assets.
This is called-

11. The gas used for artificial
ripening of green fruits is-
(A) Ethane
(B) Carbon—dioxide
(C) Acetylene
(D) Ethylene

12. The ’Pace Maker’ is also known as——
(A) S. A. Nodes
(B) A. V. Nodes
(C) Bundle of His
(D) Chordae tendinal

13. Scientists of the Chandra
Shekhar Azad University of
Agriculture and Technology
have developed a substance that
can reduce the percentage of
flower droppings in pulses so as
to enhance pulse production.
Which is that substance ?
(A) An insecticide called TIVA
(B) A fertilizer called TIVA
(C) A nutrient mixture called TIVA
(D) A growth hormone called TIVA

14. The street ’Kalaiwala’ gives
shining appearance by rubbing a
shining silvery material, What is
this material made up of ?
(A) Zinc
(B) Tin
(C) Lead
(D) Aluminium

15. What is the pH level of blood of
a normal person ?
(A) 8-25-8-35
(B) 4-5-4-6
(C) 6•45$•55
(D) 7•35-7-45

16. Consider the following statements in respect of a jet engine
and a rocket-
1. A jet engine uses the surrounding air for its oxygen
supply and so is unsuitable
for motion in space
2. A rocket carries its own
supply of oxygen in the gas
form as fuel.
Which of the above statements
are correct 7
(A) 1 only
(B) 2only
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

17. Acid rain is due to air pollution by-
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Methane
(D) Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide

18, The percentage of water in an adult human body is around-
(A) 10% (B) 30%
(C) 65% (D) 75%

19. Which of the following produces more severe burns ?
(A) Boiling water
(B) Steam
(C) Hot air
(D) Sun rays

20. Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their-
(A) Embryonic zone
(B) Growing point
(C) Zone of elongation
(D) Root hairs `

2l. The heritable disease is-
(A) Diphtheria
(B) jaundice
(C) Hemophilia
(D) Whooping Cough

22. The walls of the hall built for music concerts should-
(A) Amplify sound
A (B) Transmit sound
(C) Reflect sound
(D) Absorb sound

23. Heavy water (nuclear science)-
(A) Contains more dissolved air
(B) Contains deuterium in place of hydrogen
(C) Contains more dissolved minerals and salts
(D) Contains organic impurities

24. In India, water desalination plant is located in-
(A) Lakshadweep
(B) Goa
(C) Cuttack
(D) Chennai

25. A device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is-
(A) Dynamo
(B) Generator
(C) Induction coil
(D) Motor

26. A device by which data are transferred by telephone with the
help of binary signals, is-
(A) Modem (B) Analog
(C) Monitor (D) O.C.R.

27. The technique used to transmit
audio signals in television b1•oad~
casts is-
(A) Amplitude Modulation
(B) Pulse Code Modulation
(C) Frequency Modulation
(D) Time Division Multiflexing

28. Teflon is a polymer containing-
(A) Chlorine (B) Carbon
(C) Sodium (D) Fluorine

29. BOD is used as a standard measure for-
(A) Oxygen level in a forest
(B) Oxygen level in animals
(C) Oxygen level in a water
(D) Oxygen level in blend

30.- The ’blue moon’ phenomenon occurs when-
(A) Two full moons occur in die
same month
(B) Four full moons appear in
two consecutive months of the
same calendar year
(C) Two full moons appear in
the same month thrice in a
calendar year
(D) None of the above

31. Which is not the Green house gas
among the following ? .
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Sulphur dioxide
(C) Methane
(D) All of the above .

32. Which one of the following is
another name of RDX ?
(A) Cyanohydrin
(B) Dextran
(C) Cyclonite
(D) Cyclohexane

33. The whistle frequency of sound
of an approaching train increases
whereas that of a receding train
decreases. This phenomenon is
an example of
(A) Raman effect
(B) joule-Thomson effect
(C) Compton effect
(D) Doppler effect

34. Astronauts in space cannot stand
erect. This is because in space–
(A) There is no gravity
(B) Viscous forces of the atmosphere are very strong
(C) Solar wind exert an upward
(D) Atmospheric pressure is
very low

35. T0 hear a clear echo, the minimum distance between the
reflecting surface and the observer should be-
(A) 165 feet (B) 165 metre
(C) 16-5 feet (D) 16-5 metre

36. Bull semen for the purpose of
artificial insemination is stored
(A) Ice
(B) Liquid oxygen
(C) Liquid nitrogen
(D) Liquid carbon dioxide

37. Sleeping sickness happens due to-
(A) Deficiency of Vitamin-A
(B) Deficiency of calcium in body
(C) Rising of Blood Pressure
(D) Mono cell animal named Trypanosoma

38. Which Indian scientist is recognised by ’UNEP’ as Fadier of
Economic Ecology ?
(A) B. P. Pal ‘
(B) Yash Pal
(C) M. S. Swaminathan
(D) R. Mishra

39. Iodine is administered to patients
suffering from
(A) Rheumatism
(B) Night blindness
(C) Rickets
(D) Goitre

40. The element not present in fertilizers is-
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Chlorine
(D) Phosphorus

41. The gas used in the manufacture
of Vanaspati from vegetable oil
(A) Oxygen
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Hydrogen
(D) Carbon dioxide

42. The perimeter of a circular and a
square field are equal. lf the area
of the square field is 484 sq.
metre, then the area (in sq.
metre) of the circular field will
be- (yr :
(A) 616
(B) 608
(C) 576
(D) None of the above

43. A train covers a distance between two stations A and B in 45
minutes. lf the speed of the train
is reduced by 5 km / hour, then it
covers the distance in 48
minutes. The distance between
the stations A and B is-
(A) 55 km (B) 60 km
(C) 64 km (D) 80 km

44. A student was asked to divide
die half of a certain number by 6
and the other half by 4 and then
to add the two quantities so
obtained. Instead of doing so the
student divided the number by 5
and the result fell short by 4. The
given number was4
(A) 240 (B) 288
(C) 384 (D) 480

45. The length of a rectangle is
increased by 60%. To maintain
the same area the width of the
rectangle should be decreased
(A) 60% (B) 45%
(C) 40% (D) 37•5%

46. The length of a rectangle is
increased by 10% and its width is
decreased by 10%. The area of a
new rectangle is-—
(A) Increased by 1%
(B) Decreased by 1%
(C) Neither increased nor de-
(D) None of the above

47. Two trains of 200 metres and 150
metre long are running on
parallel rails in the same direction at a speed of 40 km/hour
and 45 km hour respectively.
Time taken by the faster train to
cross the slower train will be-
(A) 72 second `
(B) 132 second
(C) 192 second
(D) 252 second

48. Let a shopkeeper use a code
OLISPAH = 28 where O : Re 1,
L : Rs. 2, I : Rs. 3 and so on.
What price does SOAP denote ?
(A) Rs. 9 (B) Rs. 12
I (C) Rs. 16 (D) Rs. 18

49. The two cars X and Y start from
places A and B respectively
which are 700 km apart at 9 a. m.
Both the cars run at an average
speed of 60 km/hour. Car X
stops at 10 a.m. and again starts
at 11 a.m. while the other car Y
continues to run without stop-
ping. The two cars cross each
other at-
(A) 2:40 p.m. (B) 3:20 p.m.
(C) 4:10 p.m. (D) 4:20 p.m.

50. A person stands at a middle
point of a wooden ladder which
starts slipping between a vertical
wall and a floor of a room, while
continuing to remain in a vertical
plane. The path traced by the
person standing at the middle
point of the slipping ladder is-
(A) A straight line
(B) An elliptical path
(C) A circular path
(D) A parabolic path

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