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RPSC Sample Practice paper model test LDC Posts
RPSC Lower Division Clerk (LDC) Recruitment Exam Practice test
Test paper contains the questions which will render a clear idea of competative exams and haelp you for getting through
Directions for questions1 to 3 : These questions are based on the situat‘ion given below :
Recently, Ghosh Babu spent his winter‘s=acation on Kyakya
Island. During the vacation, he visited the local casino where
he came across a new card game. Two players, using a normal
deck of 52 playing cards, play this game. One player is called
the Dealer and the other is called the Player. First, the Player •
picks a card at random from the deck. This is called the hase
card. The amount in rupees equal to the face value of the -
hase card iscalled the base amount. Tlie lace values of Ace, l
King, Queen and Jack are ten. For other cards, the lace value
is the number on the card. Once, the Player picks a card
from the deck, the Dealer pays him the base amount. Then
the dealer picks a card from the deck and this card is called
the top card. lf the top is of the same suit as the base card,
the Player pays twice the base amount to the Dealer. if the
top card is of the same colour as the base card (but not the
same suit) then the Player pays the base amount to the Dealer. `
lf the top card happens to be of a different colour than the
base card, _the Dealer pays the base amount to the
Player. •
Ghosh Babu played the game 4 times. First time he
picked eight of clubs and the Dealer picked queen of clubs.
Second time, he picked ten of hearts and the dealer picked
two of spades. Next time, Ghosh Babu picked six of diamonds
and the dealer picked ace of hearts. Lastly, he picked either
of spades and the dealer picked jack of spades. Answer the
following questions based on these four games.

1. If Ghosh Babu stopped playing the game when his gain ‘
would be maximized, the gain in Rs. would have been

1. 12.
2. 20
3. 16
4. 4


2. The initial money Ghosh Babu had (before the beginning
of the game sessions) was Rs. X. At no point did he
have to borrow any money, What is the minimum
possible value of X? `

1. 16
2. 8
3. 100
4. 24


3. lf the final amount of money that Ghosh Babu had with
him was Rs. 100, what wasthe initial amount he had
with him?

1. 120
2. 8
3. 4
4. 96


Birections for questions 4 to 13 : Each question consists
of jive statements yhllowed by options consisting of three
statements pitt together in a speeyic ordez Choose the option
which indicates a valid argument, that is, where the third
statement is a conclusion drown jrom the preceding two
Example :

A. All cigarettes are hazardous to health
B. Brand X is a cigarette
C. Branch X is hazardous to health
ABC is a valid option where statement C can be concluded
from statements A and B.

4. A. All software companies employ knowledge workers.
B. Tara Tech employs knowledge workers.
C. Tara Tech is a software company.
D. Some software companies employ knowledge workers.
E. Tara Tech employs only knowledge workers.

1. ABC
2. ACB
3. CDB
4. ACE


5. A. Traffic congestion increases carbon monoxide in the
environment. •
B. increase in carbon monoxide is hazardous to health.
C. Traffic congestion is hazardous to health.
D. Some trafic congestion does not cause increased
carbon monoxide.
E. Some traffic congestion is not hazardous to health.

1. CBA
2. BDE
3. CDE
4. BAC


6. A. Apples are not sweets.
B. Some apples are sweet.
C. All sweets are tasty.
D. Some apples are not tasty.
E. No apple is tasty. D

1. CEA
2. BDC
3. CBD
4. EAC


7. A. Some towns in India are polluted.
B. All polluted towns should be destroyed.
C. Town Meghana should be destroyed.
D. Twon Meghana is polluted.
E. Some towns in India should be destroyed.

1. BDE
2. BAE
3. ADE
4. CDB


8. A. No patriot is a criminal.
B. Bundledas is a not a criminal.
C. Bundledas is a patriot.
D. Bogusdas is not a patriot.
E. Bogusdas is a criminal.

1. ACB`
2. ABC
3. ADE
4. ABE


9. A. Ant eaters like ants.
B. Boys are ant eaters.
C. Balaram is an ant eater.
D. Balaram likes ants.
E. Balaram may eat ants.

1. DCA
2. ADC
3. ABE
4. ACD


10. A. All actors are handsome.
B. Some actors are popular
C. Ram is handsome.
D. Ram is a popular actor. •
E. Some popular people are handsome.

1. ACD
2. ABE
3. DCA
4. EDC


11. A. Modern industry is technology driven. n
B. BTI is a modem industry.
C. BTI is technology driven.
D. BTI may be technology driven.
E. Technology driven industry is modern.

1. ABC
2. ABD
3. BCA
4. EBC


12. A. All Golmal islanders are blue coloured people.
B. Some smart people are not blue coloured people.
C. Some babies are blue coloured.
D. Some babies are smart. _
E. Some smart people are not Golmal islanders.

1. BCD
2. ABE
3. CBD
4. None of the above


13. A. MBAs are in great demand.
B. Ram and Sita are ingreat demand.
C. Ram is in great demand.
D. Sita is in great demand.
E. Ram and Sita are MBAs.

1. ABE
2. ECD
3. AEB
4. EBA


Directions for questions 14 to 27 : Each question has u
main statement followed by four statements labelled A, E Q
and D. Choose the ordered pair of statements where the first
statement implies the second, and the two statements are
logically consistent with the main statement.

14. Either the orangutan is not angry, or he frowns upon
the world. y

A. The orzmgutan frownsupon the world.
B. The orangutan is not angry. _
C. The orangutan does not frown upon the world.
D. The otangntan is angry:

1. CB only
2. DA only
2. AB only
3. CB and DA


15. Either Ravana is a demon. or he is a hero.
A. Ravana is a hem.
B. Ravana is a demon.
C. Ravana is no: ¤ demon.
D. Ravana is not a hero.

1. CD only
2. BA only
3. CD and BA
4. DB and CA


16. Whenever Rajeev uses the internet, he dreams about

A. Rajeev did not dream about spiders.
B. Rajeev used the internet.
C. Rajeev dreamt about spiders.
D. Rajeev did not use the internet.

l. AD
2. DC
3. CB
4. DA


17. If I talk to my professors, then I do not need to take
a pill for headache.

A. I talked to my professors.
B. I did not need to take a pill for headache.
C. I needed to take a pill for headache.
V D. I did not talk to my professors.

‘l. AB only
2. DC only
3. CD only
4. AB and CD


Directions for questions 18 to 134 .• Each question has rz
set of four statements. Each statement has three segments.
Choose the alternative where the third segment in the
I statement can be logically deduced using both the preceding
two, but not just from one of them.

18. A. No cowboys laugh. Some who laugh are sphinxes.
Some sphinxes are not cowboys.
B. All ghosts are fluorescent. Some ghosts do not sing.
Some singers are not fluorescent.
C. Cricketers indulge in swearing. Those who swear
are hanged. Some who are hanged are not
D. Some crazy people are pianists. All crazy people are
whistlers. Some whistlers are pianists.

I. A and B
2. C only
3. A and D
4. D only


19. A. All good people are knights. All warriors are good
people. All knights are warriors.
B. No footballers are ministers. All footballers are
tough. Some ministers are players.
C. All pizzas are snacks. Some meals are pizzas. Some
meals are snacks.
D. Some barkers are musk—dcer. All barkers are sloth
bears. Some sloth bears are musk-deer.

3. A only
4. C only


20. A. Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures. Watenbuffaloes
are not dinosaurs. Water huffaloes are not pre-
historic creatures.
B. All politicians are frank. No frank people are
crocodiles. No crocodiles are politicians.
C. No diamond is quartz. No opal is quartz. Diamonds
are opals.
D. All moneys like bananas. Some GI Joes like
bananas. Some GI Joes are monkeys.

1. C only
2. B only
3. A and D
4. B and C


21. A. All earthquakes cause havoc. Some landslides cause
havoc. Some earthquakes cause landslides.
B. All glass things are transparent. Soine curious are
glass things. Some curious are transparent.
C. All clay objects are brittle. All XY are clay objects.
Some XY are brittle.
D, No criminal is a patriot. Ram is not a patriot. Ram
is a criminal.
1. D only
2. B only
3. C and B
4. A only


22. A. MD is an actor. Some actors are pretty. MD is
B. Some men are cops. All cops are brave. Some brave
people are cops.
C. All cops are brave. Some men are cops. Some men
are brave.
D. All actors are pretty; MD is not an actor; MD is
not pretty.

1. D only
2. C only
3. A only
4. B and C


23. A. All lIMs are in India. No BIMs are in India. No
lIMs are BIMs.
B. All IIMs are in India. No BIMS are in India. No
BIMs are lIMs.
C. Some IIMs are not in India. Some BIMs are not
in India. Some IIMs are BlMs.
D. Some IIMs are not in India. Some BIMs are not
in India. Some BIMs are lIMs.

1. AandB
2. CandD
3. A only
4. B only


24. A. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Citizens
of Yes Islands are young people. Young people speak
only the truth. .
B. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some
Yes islands are in the Atlantic. Some citizens of Yes
Islands are in the Atlantic.
C. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some
young people are citizens of Kes Islands. Some
young people speak only the truth.
D. Some people speak only the truth. Some citizens of
Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some people who
speak only the truth are citizens of Yes Islands.

1. A only
2. B only
3. C only
4. D only


25. A. All mammals are viviparous. Some fish are
viviparous. Some fish are mammals.
B. All birds are oviparous. Some fish are not oviparous.
Some fish are birds.
C. No mammal is oviparous. Some creatures are
oviparous and some are not. Some creatures are not 1
rnanrials. ‘
D. Some creatures are mammals. Some creatures as
viviparous. Some maminals are viviparous.

l. A only
2- B only
3. C only
4. D only


26. A. Many singers are not writers. All poets are singers.
Some poets are not writers.
B. Giants cllrnb beanstalks. Some chicken do not climb
beanstalks. Some chicken are not giants.
C. All explorers live in snowdrifts. Some penguins live
in snowdrifts. Some penguins are explorers.
D. Amar is taller than Akbar. Anthony is shorter than
Amar. Akbar is shorter than Anthony.

l. A only
2. B only
3. B and C
4. D only


27. A. A few farmers are rocket scientists. Some rocket
scientists catch snakes. A few farmers catch snakes.
B. Poonam is kangaroo. Some kangaroos are made of
teak. Poonam is made of teak. ‘
C. No pulls eat grass. All matadors eat grass. No
matadors are bulls.
D. Some skunks drive Cadillacs. All skunks are polar
bears. Some polar bears drive Caclillacs.

l. B only `
2. A and C
3. C only
4. C and D


Directions for questions 28 to 32 : These questions are
based on the table below presenting data on percentage
population covered by drinking water and sanitation facilities
in selected Asian countries.

Population Covered by Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities `

Percentage Coverage

Drinking Water Sanitation Facilities
Urban Rural Total ‘ Urban Rural Total
India 85 79 81 70 14 29
Bangladesh 99 96 97 79 44 48
China 97 56 67 74 7 24
Pakistan 82 69 74 77 22 47
Philippines 92 80 86 88 66 77
Indonesia 79 54 62 73 40 5 1
Sri Lanka 88 52 57 68 62 63
Nepal – 88 60 63 58 12 18

Source : World Resources 1998-99, p. 25}., UNDP, UNEP and World Bank.

Country A issaid to dominate B or A is greater than B if A has higher
percentage in total coverage for both drinking water and
sanitation facilities, and, B is said to be dominated by A-, or B is less than A. .

A country is said to be on the coverage frontier if no other
country dominates it. Similarly, a country is not on the
coverage frontier if it is dominated by at least one other

28. What are the countries on the coverage frontier?

1. India and China
2. Sri Lanka and Indonesia
3. Philippines and Bangladesh
4, Nepal and Pakistan


29. Which of the following statements are true?

A. India is greater than Pakistan and India is greater than Indonesia
B. India is greater than China and India is greater than Nepal
C. Sri Lanka is greater than China
D. China is greater than Nepal

1. A andC
2. B andD
3. A,B and C
4, B,C and D


30. Using only the data presented under Sanitation facilities
columns, it can be concluded that rural population in
India, as a percentage of its total population is

1. 76
2. 70
3. 73
4. Cannot be determined


31. Again, using only the data presented under Sanitation
facilities columns, sequence China, Indonesia and
Phillippines in ascending order of rural population as
a percentage of their respective total populations. The
correct order is 2

1. Philippines, Indonesia, China
2. Indonesia, China, Philippines
3. Indonesia, Philippines, China
4. China, Indonesia, Philippines


32. India is not on the coverage frontier because
A. it is lower than Bangladesh in terms of coverage of
drinking water facilities.
B. it is lower than Sri larika in terms of coverage of
sanitation facilities.
C.• it is lower than Pakistan in terms of coverage of
sanitation facilities.
D. it is dominated by Indonesia.

3. D
4. None of these


Directions for questions 33 and 34 : These relate to the
above table with the additional proviso that the gap between
the population coverage of sanitation facilities and drinking
water facilities is a measure of disparity in coverage.

33. The country with the most disparity in coverage of rural
sector is

1. India
2. Bangladesh
3. Nepal
4. None of these


34. The country with the least disparity in coverage of urban
sector is :

1. India
2. Pakistan
3. Philippines
4. None of these


Directions for questions 35 to 165 : Each question is
followed by two statements, A and B. Answer each question
using the following instructions:
Choose 1. if the question can be answered by using one of
the statements alone, but cannot be answered
using the other statement alone. `
Choose 2. if the question can be answered by using either
statement alone.
Choose 3. if the question can be answered by using both
the statements together, but cannot be answered
using either statement alone.
Choose 4. if the question cannot be answered even by using
both the statements together.

35. The average weight of students in a class is 50 kg. What
is the number of students in the class?

A. The heaviest and thelightest members of the class
weigh 60 kg and 40 kg respectively.
B. Exclusion of the heaviest and the lightest members
from the class does not change the average weight
of the students.


36. A small storage tank is spherical in shape. What is the
storage volume of the tank? .

A. The wall thickness of the tank is 1 cm.
B. When the empty spherical tank is immersed in a
large tank filled with water, 20 litres of water
overflow from the large tank.


37. Mr. X starts walking northwards along the boundary of
a field, from point A on the boundary, and after walking
for 150 metres reaches B, and t.hen walks westwards,
again along the boundary, for another 100 metres when
he reaches C. What is the maximum distance between
any pair of points on the botmdary of the field?

A. The field is rectangular in shape.
B. The field is a polygon, with C as one of its vertices
and A as mid point of a side.


38. A line graph on a graph sheet shows the revenue for
each year from 1990 through 1998 by points and joints
the successive points by straight line segments. The
point for revenue of 1990 is labelled A, that for 1991
as B, and that for 1992 as C. What is the ratio of growth `
in revenue between 1991-92 and 1990-Q1?

A. The angle between AB and X»axis when measured
with a protractor is 40 degrees, and the angle
between CB and X—axis is 80 degrees.
B. The scale of Y—axis is 1 cm = 1000


39. There is a circle with centre C at the origin and radius
r cm. Two taugents are drawn from an extermd point

D at a distance d cm from the centre. What are the
angles between each tangent and the X—axis?

A. The coordinates of D are given.
B. The X-axis bisects one of the tangents.


40. Find a pair of real numbers x and y that satisfy the
following two equations simultaneously, It is known that
the values of a, lv, c d, e and f are non-zero.
ax + by = c
dx + ey = f

A.a=kd,andb=ke,c=kf k is not equal to O
B.a=b=1,d=e•=2, f is not equal to2c


41. Three professors A, B and C am separately given three
sets of numbers to add. They were expected to find the
answers to 1+1, 1+1+2, and 1+1 respectively. Their
respective answers were 3, 3 and 2. How many of the
professors are mathematicians.

A. A mathematician can never add two numbers
correctly, but can always add three numbers
B. When a mathematician makes a mistake in a sum,
the error is +1 or -1.


42. How many among the four students A, B, C and D have ..
passed the exam?

A. The following is a true statement : A and B passed
the exam. J.
B. The following is a false statement 1 At least one
among C and D has passed the exam.


43. What is the distance x between two cities A and B in
integral number of lan?

A. x satisfies equation log2 x= ?x
B. x is less than 10 km


45. Mr. Mendel grew one hundred flowering plants from
black seeds and_white seeds, each seed giving rise to
one plant. A plant gives flowers of only one colour.
From a black seed comes a plant giving red or blue
flowers. From Ka white seed comes a plant giving red
or white flowers. How many black seeds were used by
Mr. Mendel.

A. The number of plants with white flowers was 10.
B. The number of plants with red flowers was 70.



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